CEO's Message

Hamza Toprakçı

Founder and President of TOPRAKÇILAR MAKİNA

"Caring for people means caring for your business.Within the last two century, the world has seen the bounce of the information which has accumulated by humanity that lived throughout the thousands of years, as a technology. Firstly the agricultural community has been turned the industrial community. While we talk about space-age yet, we have entered the information and communication age suddenly. Anymore, mankind has begun to compact their product more in a shorter time. While the products that were produced in thousands of years in the past, now the number of times more products can be produced in several years. The countries that couldn't get their position in this transformation are in the borders of hunger, while the delayed countries resume experiencing this more painfully. Even though our country is late for transformation and it is also taken pains because of the rapid social change that we lived in the ending of the last century, these pains are almost over. Now, Turkey has become more often well-known country into the world that is rapidly transforming into a global village. As people who believe that our country deserves to be represented on this platform with the values it has, we are always humping to take our country one step further. We always looked ahead by using our experience as a base. We always wanted the newest one and tried to reach them. As a result of this, we have gotten the successes that we have achieved in a short time. Now, we are more aware of the importance of monitoring and using technology, making researches to improve technology and trying to provide a more prosperous life for people. Considering the compliance with our employees, using the suitable technology as most advanced level as possible and also continuing to see our customer’s satisfaction as the first priority, we’ll say hello again to our esteemed customer that we served before until now and our esteemed candidate. TOPRAKÇILAR MAKİNA Industrial Machine Trade Co. Ltd."