Increasing energy prices caused by demanding and market searching for different energy sources. One of the most important of these sources is the make ready to burn of industrial, agricultural, and biological wastes which are consists of highly carbon composition by pelletizing procedure. Pellets are cylindrical pieces which were obtained as 6-8mm diameter and 10-60mm lengths by drying to solid materials and then compressing them under high pressure at a certain humidity level. So that, this type of processed pellets have the Higher calorific value per unit volume. It is called wood pellet press machine to obtain pellets from wood waste material by pressing. In contrary to animal feed press machine this type of press machine has the vertical shaft and there is a disc which placed on it. The processed wood waste. According to the material to be compressed on the disc, the triple or quadruple ball rotates on the disc at a certain speed and compression would be carried out. Depending on the desired pellet diameter and size, the hole diameter design of the disc are produced from special alloy steel material. Thus, long termed pellet press machines are produced.