The officials from the ministry of the industry and technology, efficiency management, the representatives of the industrial firms, beside of the lecturer of KMÜ university engineering faculty and also personal and students participated to the meeting. Dear Ali Osman Kaşıkçı who city representive of Karaman Industry and Technology said that “The new strategies must be improved in order to increase of the competition. Efficiency is the basis of the development and also it is the repulsive power as the same time. One another aim of our ministry is expanding the consciousness of the efficiency to new field. We need to decrease the cost while increasing the productivity. As long a we keep up the scientific development, we would increase the efficiency. As individuals we have responsible on the subject of increasing the efficiency“ As for Dr. Mustafa Kemal Akgül who general president of the consultancy and education department of ministry mentioned that “All the public’s institutions and all the parts of the business life are in the preparation of the knowledge society. One of the biggest memories of the Turkish people is watching. Our community believes what they see, then learn and lastly carry it on action. In here, we shall share with you successful samples about efficiency. We need to increase this type of activities to multiple these successful samples. If we think the idea of the future is young, both of our country and all of us have high expectations from you”. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selmin Ener Ruşen who lecturer of the Karaman University, presented at meeting on “Karaman Energy Efficiency Center”. Dear Dr. specified that they have planned approximately 4 years to establish efficiency center as university. This place will be second center of Turkey within universities. Another speaker Dr. Balcı gave information on efficiency in lighting, dimming, prevention for waste energy and energy efficiency on industry than he talked as “We have been able to make a great contribution to the economy of our country with energy efficiency applications in different fields such as cement, paper, cellulose, plastic and buildings.” Also he added to his speaking as follows “the losses of the electrical devices in power conversion and power consumption should be minimized.” Hamza Toprakçı who the owner of the Toprakçılar Makina Sanayi Tic. Ltd. Şti. and also the signer of the successful applications gave information on transporters and conveyors. He mentioned on production activities related to the conveyors produced by his company and then he finished his speaking with “I have been in this sector for 35 years; however I don’t think that i could reach mastership yet. Because of we love our county and we regard the energy saving, we are keep going to improve our knowledge and our firm.